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Latest From Tech With Dom - Early May 2022

published2 months ago
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What’s up guys,

How’s it going? Hope everyone’s having a great long weekend!

I wanted to start by mentioning about how excited I am about the rumoured Pixel Watch, I think it’s about time Google had one although I’m not so certain about the style of it but hopefully it will revolutionise the world of WearOS.

We also heard that Elon Musk is taking over Twitter and I know that a lot of people are considering to leave the platform, I wanted to say that I’m here to stay. If you haven’t checked out my Twitter page, check it out here. If you are wondering why the takeover may be a bad thing or not, I recommend checking out this article.

New Video

Checking out the Remax RB-M46 Enceinte Bluetooth Speaker From Hekka

I reviewed this cool looking speaker lamp that not only sounds good but looks great, a perfect addition for the man cave, your desk setup or for anywhere you want! Check out the video to find out more!

New Posts On My Blog

How To Build A NAS Server For Free!

We are storing more data than ever before, that’s why I decided to introduce you to a solution that will keep your data safe and accessible. It’s a solution that I’v been using for a number of years and all you need is an old computer or laptop and 2 memory sticks. Read more here.

Why You Need A Password Manager - My Review Of Dashlane

I know it’s not the most exciting of topics but managing passwords is an important part of everyday life. That’s why I decided to write an article based on my own experience with Dashlane. Read more here.

Random Tech Fact!

The original Xbox has sound snippets from NASA transmissions from the Apollo days! You can read more about this awsome fact here.

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