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published3 months ago
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Hi Friend,

Welcome to the latest edition of my newsletter!

For those of you who don't already follow me on Twitter (, I decided to upgrade my everyday smartphone.

Over the past few weeks, I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S21 which is an epic smartphone and I highly recommend it, even with the S22 being out.

I decided to go with a flagship smartphone everybody is talking about, the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The Google Pixel range of phones always had a close place to my heart and I've had quite a few of their models starting with the Google Pixel 2. I think that they are great smartphones and of course, each has their strengths and weaknesses.

So what have I been up to during the past two weeks?

  • 2 New Videos!
  • Blog Improvements - During the past 2 weeks, I haven't actually posted any new blog posts. That's because I was concentrating on making improvements to the blog. I've changed the layout on my homepage to include the latest YouTube video and recommended videos. I've also made changes to various pages on the actual website and created a new newsletters page where you can find an archive of my newsletters! This can be found here...
  • Products I'm currently testing:
    • Nothing Ear1 Earbuds
    • Google Pixel 6 Pro
    • iPhone SE 2020 Edition
    • Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset

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